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Genevieve Johansen, LCSW

We all go through life facing difficult challenges and events that impact us, our functioning and well being.  If you are looking for help in addressing, coping with or understanding these issues then I may be able to help.  I will work to assist you, you and your child(ren), or you and your partner in identifying goals and understanding the barriers to meeting those goals. Together we will examine history, family structure and behaviors to better understand yourself, your child, or your partner and use this insight to help identify new ways to cope and change.   I work with people of all ages because I have found I can be effective in all life stages for those who engage fully in the process.

Young children are at times not able to utilize traditional talk therapy so I also utilize art therapy and play therapy to assist your child in processing difficult events.  I have a great deal of experience working with children who have faced confusing changes in their lives such as trauma, divorce or loss.  I can also offer support and help to parents in managing and understanding their child's emotions and behaviors. 


Adolescence today is a stressful time for our children given peer and societal influences, technology and the internet, and academic pressures.  I have extensive experience working with kids who are coping with anxiety, display rebellious behaviors, are withdrawing or shutting down, or are participating in concerning high risk behaviors such as cutting or expressing suicidal ideation. I am also trained and interested in working with kids needing support around sexual orientation and gender identity issues.  

Therapy with adults has the capacity for be immensely helpful and give you the space to understand yourself and make changes that will ultimately lead to greater satsifaction and happiness.  I specialize in working with adults coping with mulitple stressors that today's fast paced life brings, including balancing work and home life, substance abuse and dependency, and divorce and relational issues.  

I have extensive experience with family systems and helping families make shifts and changes that result in increased overall well being of the family.  I am comfrotable with complex family and couples issues and have experienced success in helping families address issues they face.  

I have expertise in the area of infidelity and loss of connection within a relationship or couple. I enjoy doing couples therapy.  When I work with a couple the Client is the relationship, and throughout the course of treatment I focus on the couple identifying a common goal.  At times that goal is to save the marriage and at other times it is how to end the relationship in a way that is least damanging to eachother and your family.  

If you're looking for therapeutic support and guidance for yourself, your child, or you and your partner then I may be able to help.  
If you are interested in seeing if we are a good fit, please call or email me for a consultation today. 

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